The hardest part of traveling as a woman is feeling supported in your independence.

Maybe it’s too dangerous? Maybe I should bring a man with me? Maybe I should just stay home?

If you’re a brazen woman who refuses to stay home, congratulations: You’re a hussy! The insult ‘hussy’ comes from an outdated view of housewives. Travel Hussies reclaim the word for women travelers.

Travel Hussies prove that you can make travel a part of your life.

Travel comes from the French ‘travail,’ or ‘to work.’ As women, we may have to work harder for travel, but when we support each other, we go further.

Let’s plan our next travel adventure, together!

Learn from Travel Hussies who Pack Up & Go, Get Out & Stay Out and have Been There & Done That. Stay tuned for blog updates from Travel Hussies around the world!


Adrienne Blaine is the creator and editor of Travel Hussies.


She has a BA in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies combined with Communications and Media Studies from Franklin University Switzerland. Living in Switzerland for four years and traveling from Egypt to Iceland introduced her to Travel Hussies all over the world.

She currently lives in San Francisco and writes about arts & culture as a regular contributor to Northern California’s Public Media. Visit adrienneblaine.com to read more of her writing.

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