Meet Martinique: Travel Hussy & Social Media Hustler

Marti2I owe a lot to this Travel Hussy. Without Martinique I never would have attended Franklin University Switzerland, where I met her and so many other inspiring travelers.

Martinique and I attended the same high school. And while she had graduated before I was able to meet her, she left an important impression upon the school. While seeking the help of our college and career center as a confused high school senior, I heard about Franklin University Switzerland for the first time. This university began courting students from my high school after Martinique began attending Franklin.

Although Martinique grew up in California, her mother is Peruvian and her father is Swiss. She spent every summer from the time she was six in Switzerland visiting her father and grandparents. So when it came to choosing a university, an American school in Switzerland wasn’t an unusual proposition. She found Franklin and paved the way for me to find it as well. When I starting attending myself, I was able to meet Martinique and thank her in person for leading the way. We were able to reminisce about our old hometown and later make some questionable clubbing decisions.


[embarrassing picture redacted]


While I have returned home to California, Martinique continues to live in Switzerland and travel all over the world as an Online Marketing Manager for EF Education First, a company that provides a variety of travel-based education resources. Basically, in combining her love of travel with work, she’s living the dream. In between travels to New York City for work and around Switzerland with family, Martinique answered some questions about work, social media and travel for Travel Hussies!


Do you prefer Martinique or Marti?

I actually prefer Martinique, since, you know, it’s my name but so many times people end up calling me: Martin, Martine, Martina, Martini, Dominique, Guadalupe (see what I did there?) or even Harold (I might have lied on this one). Anyway, so Marti is meant to make it easier on people, but I cringe when people spell it Marty since there is no ‘y’ in my name. Please don’t.


Tell us about your job at EF (position, experience, anything you want to share)

Currently, I work as an Online Marketing Manager for EF Education First and more specifically, EF Academy, which is our boarding school product. I also continue to contribute to our EF Blog, which I helped launch a few years back when I used to work as a Copywriter Intern in our Zurich headquarters. Now, I work at the Lucerne headquarters and part of my job is taking care of our social media accounts, which is why I keep my personal ones so active. How am I supposed to justify to a company that I can run their social media accounts when I can’t even run my own?

I do think it is important to balance work and travel so you can stay independent while also being able to afford to travel.

I love my team to death, it’s the best one I’ve had so far. We laugh, cry, dance, stress, eat together and so much more. You have to realize that you spend a big part of your life working, so you have to try finding something that is at least enjoyable. I once read that 60% of your happiness at work comes from having at least one co-worker that you can trust, and I trust them all so my happiness is like at 1100%.

I also love my boss, her, and the other one I had at EF in Zurich, really helped challenge me while also supporting me at the same time. They also believe in the work I do and encourage my ideas, which is something that all bosses should strive for. I don’t know if it’s because of the EF culture or if I’ve just been lucky, but I am super grateful for them. Overall, my whole team is a great support system; both professionally and privately and so, I guess this is what Kanye meant by feeling #blessed.


How are you so goddamn good at the internet? Please be specific.

I think it’s just because I like to make people laugh. My daily goal is to make someone laugh: at least one person. That’s why I post a lot on social media. You’ll notice that maybe it’s a lot of nonsense, but it tends to crack a smile, so I say, “Job well done, Marti.” Side note: I don’t always talk to myself in the third person.

Imagine a world where we just tried to make people happy and only posted positive things?

I just love to see people smile and laugh. Imagine a world where we just tried to make people happy and only posted positive things? Just take a moment to imagine that. I mean, even at work, most of my e-mails tend to be accompanied with a GIF, YouTube video or joke, and people enjoy that. Anyway, I can’t give away all my secrets, because there are two things to keep in mind if you want to be successful:

  1. Don’t reveal everything you know



What’s your favorite/least favorite part about living in Lucerne?

I can never get over the landscape, never! I walk 30 minutes door-to-door every day to work because it helps me de-stress as I listen to my rap music or, more often than not, Beyoncé. I’m basic, whatever.

As for my least favorite part, I guess it would be the tourists. I don’t necessarily hate them or want to discourage them from coming, but they overfeed the swans to the point where they are some of the biggest you’ll see on this planet. I’m sure they could attack you as badly as that bear did to Leo in The Revenant if they wanted to, and they have even begun wandering the streets in search of food. I guess it’s more like, if you’re a visitor in a place, try not to disturb the natural order of things, because it can really mess up an area.

if you’re a visitor in a place, try not to disturb the natural order of things, because it can really mess up an area.

I still encourage people to come and visit. It’s amazing here; just be careful of what you do. In other news, last year, we celebrated our 200th anniversary of tourism in central Switzerland and also, tourism was invented in Switzerland #funfact!




If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been there twice and just love the mountains and the beach that surround the area. I’ve always lived by the mountains in California and Switzerland and the beach in California and lakes in Switzerland, and when you add great food, friendly people and all around good vibes, I think you’re set.


What’s your next adventure going to be?

Japan and I can’t wait! I grew up watching anime so Japan has always been a fascination to me (coupled with sushi, geishas and Harajuku style). Back in 2013, one of my friends and I decided that we would go, but something always came up, but now it’s happening.

Go with friends to make long-lasting memories. Go alone to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

That’s a thing about me, I always hold on to my promises. I have an Australian friend that I met during summer travels in Europe in 2005, and I always told him that I would visit him. And maybe it took me a little over a decade, but last year, I finally went to visit him in Melbourne and spent one of my best Christmases with him, his family and my brother.



What advice would you give to an aspiring Travel Hussy?

Travel as often as you can. Life is short and the world is massive. But you don’t even have to go far; there is plenty to see, even in your backyard. For instance, plenty of people have done a road trip down the coast of California, and not even I have done that. It’s always kind of embarrassing when people know more about my home than myself, but that’s what I’m saying, just go and explore because there’s adventure out there!

Go with friends to make long-lasting memories. Go alone to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Talk to your taxi and Uber drivers because they can have some great stories — and surprise (!) they’re people too. Don’t be afraid to go to certain countries because of what the media or people tell you; everyone experiences places and people differently.

I do think it is important to balance work and travel so you can stay independent while also being able to afford to travel. Just take every opportunity that presents itself, and if you’re ever unhappy with an aspect of your life, change it! I also always feel that when I leave my town, even if for just a weekend, it helps clear my mind and put my focus back on what’s important. So don’t take traveling for granted, and as cliché as it sounds, live life to the fullest!




To follow Martinique’s travels on the Internet, check out her professional Instagram and personal Instagram accounts. You can also follow her blog posts for EF Education First and Elite Daily. She recommends Travel Hussies start with these: 


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Stay tuned for more Travel Hussy profiles and blog posts!


Travel on, Hussies!

– Adrienne


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